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WISDOM TALK in Munich Okt ’18

Digital Challenge: How to find and connect with your Intuition!

Wisdom Talk on 23 October 2018 at 18:00 hrs
ImpactHub München
Wisdom Together e.V. together with Claudia Linz – artist and ART-Coach

On this evening we will conduct our dialogue not only with words but also with colours, shapes and lines. The central theme of the evening will be: „How can you for yourself and also as a team correctly dose the balance of the analogue and digital world”

What to bring for the Wisdom Talk:

  • being open for yourself
  • being open for the others
  • be relaxed
  • good mood
  • curiosity
  • crayons, pens, oil chalk, wax chalk, drawing support pad size A4 where available…
  • based on the World Café method, we want to share our knowledge and wisdom.

Claudia will provide:

  • questions
  • methods
  • support / guidance/moderation
  • good mood
  • happy to meet you
  • freespace
  • crayons, oil chalk, wax chalk, paper

You will experience:

  • insight
  • sharing experience among like-minded people
  • motivation
  • ideas
  • networking
  • an approach for a good long-term balance between the analogue and digital world

Claudia Linz and

Die Vielfalt der Fähigkeiten jedes Einzelnen, und das richtige Zusammenspiel macht den Erfolg aus! Den eigenen Erfolg und der im Team!

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