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Wisdom together – I’ve been joining for nearly one year now. First there was an impulse by a very close friend who told me about the idea. When I looked up the homepage I was already close to the ideas spread there and decided to attend a first wisdom talk in Munich – where the spirit and the making of the talk made me feel more inspired and more connected, both with the philosophy and with people acting. My first retreat I attended in Bad Kohlgrub last autumn with the title „Who am I?“ Brought me even closer to the group and the movement itself.

The last conference in Munich 23rd and 24th of June 2019 with „Engagement from the inner core“ was a further highlight with so many inspiring people and speeches enriching me and myself immensely. Such a vibrating energy, people, ideas and thoughts! I met familiar faces and could also connect to so many new and interesting people, who have to say something, who were willing to share their living and their purposes to the world. And, luckily, I could also inspire others myself, being thankful for that as well.

I discovered so many new sides in myself or got them mirrored. I felt very connected – and could feel that there is a movement at this point of time which takes me into a group of very like-minded people trying to change the world into something better. This was really huge, immense, from the very ground to the very core and beyond.

So this was another big step for me, for more connection, into the core confidence of life itself, how beautiful life is, how grateful I am to be able to get such deep experiences, for the confidence that there are many people nowadays trying to change the world from our inner core. And that we further connect – both in a very conscious and even on a subconscious level – and the movement is growing. And that there is always space and energy to get us growing – in the seen and the unseen space.

Now, its time (for me) to spread the spirit further. To send more ripples into the world. Beginning at the place where I am living, in Stuttgart.

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