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I am still so humbled and happy, and so grateful for your invitation and the events in Munich that created this amazing energy inside of me.
Thank you so very much for everything. For me personally it was a fascinating and transformative experience, for all the people in the room there was something so special and connected, and for our world, what you managed to bring together is indeed new hope and a new and yet incredibly old way of growing: together….
I have told my parents and all my family here in Romania about you and the people I met, and we all are in awe that indeed all the intelligence and knowledge around the world can only make the world a better place if it is brought together, and if we all (especially the powerful) become aware of our trajectories and question our goals and values and especially our ways of achieving them.
Being the best we can be, as individuals and as groups, is an enormous source of energy. Yet only by calibrating each others intentions and contributions, as well as being very aware of the consequences of our actions, can we make sure that we create good, and we damage less, each other and the whole planet.
I truly felt that the conference was and felt like wisdom together…. It is incredibly powerful, I am extremely grateful, and you all gave me renewed strength to believe that there is power in togetherness and that our individual knowledge has so much more potential when put/brought together. Of course my whole work with group identities and collective action is based on precisely these principles, yet to experience them at these multiple levels of existence was a completely new experience for me.
The global, diverse and multimodal exchanges, from the spoken words to the music, from the achievements of children to those of science, from the power of individual acts of kindness that will create ripples, to the creation of hubs of innovation, from east to west and back again, and from the mind, heart and body…. What an amazing experience ….
Congratulations for your vision to make all this happen. And thank you from all my heart for giving me a part in it all.
I’m with my family for a week of holiday in my hometown Ploiesti (close to Bucharest), and I feel like my wings are spread from Greenland to the Himalayas, to Japan and the Americas, with an energy core in Munich with you two and your amazing team. Wow…. Thank you! Thank you so much!!!!

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