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“Wisdom Together – for me this is not just the name of an organisation or conference; for me this is what it is meant to express: obtain more wisdom together.

I attended both the Munich and the Oslo conference and was thrilled each time. The organisation was excellent; the people you meet there are impressive. It is a meeting of many nationalities and professional groups who have found here a forum for sharing their ideas. I cherish this exchange because I meet here people who look beyond their own nose and think about how to create a better together, how we can achieve a better economy, how we can make our own contribution to solving problems.

The impulses that one takes from the lectures and workshops are also very valuable to me. I did not want to miss a single one, and I was not the only one. Each time the agenda contained a wide variety of topics and was lovingly coordinated. At the end of the day, I was always refreshed and excited. No comparison to other congresses, where I am rather tired in the evening.”

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