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Riddhi Shah, Activist Education in India

Riddhi Shah, age 29, has been working in the space of Education Development for the last 13 years. She believes that majority of the world’s problems are solvable, provided there is a collective effort to combat them with a connection to the soil and to our higher purpose. She’s traveled across India working in very remote, rural areas, in conflict areas near the borders, in tribal zones and in elite urban spaces to engage with over 900 schools and close to 10,000 teachers to enable them to re-assess their roles as catalysts of transformation in the coming change. Her core focus has been to dialogue on how True Education and not Academics, is one of the keys to dissolving the crisis that we are all in today. Having dedicated her life to the cause of Education, she uses varying means to drive home the point – be it working with village elders, young children, associating with non-profits and even with the corporate sector and philanthropists.

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