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Oslo ’17

“Conscious Leadership”
Conference in Oslo October 20th – 21st 2017

How can we elevate people and organizations through conscious leadership?

I would like to invite you to an extraordinary two day gathering that combines conference, workshops and wisdom practices in and around SALT Arena in Bjørvika.

Explore vital topics

The world and its people are transforming rapidly. ‘Business as usual’ must transform too.

We know that organizations have the power to elevate people through good leadership. But what does it take to be a good leader?

We know that the spirit of people is at the center of great innovations. But how do we ignite that spirit and allow it to shine?

We know that learning is a catalyst for mental and behavioral shifts. But how do we stimulate sharing and learning?

We know that the world expects business to think beyond profit and make an impact with a higher purpose. But how do we meet those expectations in a credible way?

It’s all about embracing a more conscious leadership style.

About the event

The gathering is designed for visionary CEOs and their leadership teams, executives and entrepreneurs, the consultants and coaches who serve and support them, business investors and owners, discerning university students, aspiring leaders and anyone else interested in learning more about Conscious Leadership.

Experienced changemakers share their wisdom

During two inspiring days, you will connect with international and Norwegian thought leaders, wisdom teachers, authors and pioneers from science, business, education, culture and arts.

New changemakers in leadership share their experience from renowned organizations such as: Google, SAP, MIT, BI, Gross National Happiness Center and Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

An extraordinary two-day gathering

Wisdom Oslo: Conscious Leadership is more than an ordinary conference. It’s an experience that also includes practice sessions, meditations, the ancient Martial Art Taijiquan, in addition to music and art exhibitions. All events take place in and around the SALT Arena at Bjørvika.


friday OCTOBER 20

9.00 AM

Registration & Coffee

10.00 AM

Alfred Tolle
Introduction & Welcome

10.30 AM

Julia Kim
“Doing business with compassion” at B. Grimm Group – a large-scale conglomerate in Thailand

11.00 AM

Michael de Vibe
How to train consciousness in public health

11.30 AM

Coffee / Tea

12.00 PM

Thakur S. Powdyel
Listening to the Future: Return to the Basics

12.30 PM

Julia Kim – Michael de Vibe – Thakur S. Powdyel Panel with Q&A

13.00 PM

Lunch & network

14.30 PM

David Rothenberg
Listen closely to music and the inner voice

15.00 PM

Ferose V.R.
Inclusiveness at SAP – How to change structures in a global company – a personal story

15.30 PM

Loveleen Rihel Brenna
Why is diversity important in Norway and how can we manage diversity?

16.00 PM

Introduction to workshops
1. Social Performing Theatre – Arawana Hayashi
2. What can we learn from Bhutan? – Julia Kim and Thakur S. Powdyel
3. How to resonate with nature? – David Rothenberg

16.15 PM

Coffee / Tea

16.30 PM


17.45 PM


18.00 PM

Pamela Hiley
Ending in Consciousness

saturday OCTOBER 21

8.00 AM

Pamela Hiley
Morning Taijiquan-session

9.00 AM

Alfred Tolle
Reflection on Wisdom and Consciousness and outlook for day two

9.20 AM

Ove Jakobsen
The image of man in systems perspective

9.45 AM

Arawana Hayashi
Social Presencing Theater – How do we perceive the world?

10.15 AM

Lorenzo Fioramonti
Wellbeing Economy – How to build a sustainable, desirable and happy world

11.00 AM

Coffee / Tea

11.30 AM

Per Espen Stoknes
Money and Soul – in a green Economy

12.00 PM

Anne Beate Hovind
Slow Space – Business – Art in Norway and beyond

12.30 PM

Björn Haugland
Sustainability and Consciousness at DNV GL Group

13.00 PM


14.30 PM

Otto Scharmer
From Ego System to Eco System Economies – Examples from US to China

15.30 PM

Panel: Conscious Investments
Trond Riiber Knudsen – Otto Scharmer – Loveleen Brihel Brenna – Per Espen Stokness – Ove Jakobsen – Anne Beate Hovind

16.00 PM

Introduction to workshops
1. Consciousness in business – Natalie Zeituny and Peter Matthies
2. Social Impact Investment – Future Outlook – Trond Riiber Knudsen, Anne Beate Hovind, Loveleen Rihel Brenna, Thakur S. Powdyel
3. Future Leader – Consciousness – Michalis Solomontos, Caro Schulz, Bjarte Hiley and Uri Noy Meir

16.15 PM

Coffee / Tea

16.30 PM


17.30 PM

Reflections – and outlook

20.00 PM

East West Music Concert

18.00 PM

Ending – Listen Closely


Student & social entrepreneurs

1.500 kr
1.600 €

2-days pass


3.500 kr
380 €

2-days pass

early bird

2.500 kr
270 €

2-days pass
through August 20


Oslo: The SALT Art Pavilions

The SALT Arena is currently located in Bjørvika, only 5 minutes walk from the Oslo Central Station. The many spectacular wooden constructions make SALT Arena a unique venue for cultural events, reflection and nightlife.

The broad program includes concerts, art projects, talks and panel discussions. For more information, visit

Conference Location

SALT, Langkaia 1, 0150 Oslo

Date & Time

October 20th, 2017 • 8:30
October 21st, 2017 • 9:30


Nature Retreat at the One World Institute at Hornsjø

October 22nd – 25th

Join us at Hornsjø, a couple of hours north Oslo, in quintessential Norwegian surroundings, for a post-conference nature retreat.

The Retreat is organized in partnership with Authenticore and the One World Institute, and it will represent an occasion to further reflect on the Conference, together with other participants, while focusing on nature walks, mindful activities and tuning into the local nature and energy.


East West Music World Concert at SALT

October 21st 8pm

After the closing of the conference on Saturday 21st October, we have the pleasure of inviting all conference participants together with east west Music World to this Unique concert event.

Join the 2017 Oslo Wisdom Together Event at SALT ARENA. SALT is a nomadic art project from Northern Norway located in front of the Oslo Opera, along the harbor promenade –

Wisdom Together unites actors from business with community actors for building awareness of Ethics and Leadership. Read more and sign up here now!

From Kathmandu Nepal: Shyam Nepali (sarangi) and Raman Maharanj (flute); From China: Gulixiati Abudukelimu from Kashgar (Satar) and Jinshan Alatengwula (Moorin Kuhr) from Inner Mongolia; From Norway: Piera Jovnny Somby from Karasjok

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