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Nipun MEHTA Founder Servicespace

Nipun Mehta, the founder of ServiceSpace, explores the nuances of what it means to serve. His talk affords a glimpse of various ServiceSpace projects like KarmaTube, DailyGood, Karma Kitchen, and more. Karma Kitchen works on an intriguing pay-it-forward basis. When patrons are done eating, the bill arrives with a total of $0.00, and a brief explanation of how someone beforehand has made a gift of this meal; patrons are trusted to keep the chain of kindness going and continue to pay it forward for future diners. Nipun maintains that in this era rather than putting heroes on pedestals, its vital that everyone become ‘everyday Gandhis.’ Service doesn’t have to be some big, grandiose thing – you can hold open a door, pay someone’s toll, or just be a good listener. All these small, everyday activities come from a place of love, and ultimately serve humanity as a whole by breaking down the boundaries between one another, and having faith in the goodness of others. Nipun will share with the “moment, the source, where his “engagement” started.

Nipun spoke at Wisdom Together Munich 2017 about “The Dance between the Intuition and the Algorithm”

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