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Natasha‘s creative mind and entrepreneurial spirit is always looking to innovate how our everyday acts can create happiness ripples that change the world, while changing us from within.

With a passion for social enterprise, and leading for-profit companies with an innovative spirit to engage with human values, Natasha weaves creativity into solutions to elevate generosity and awaken happiness in our everyday lives and the communities we live in.

Along with past work experience in Canada, the U.S. and the Middle East, Natasha holds an EMBA in Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics, and a Bachelor of Economics from McGill University. With 15 years of experience across multi–cultural environments encompassing social enterprise, financial services, business consultancy, real estate development, and owning her own business, Natasha brings a wealth of experience to the creative table.

Natasha lives in Dubai with her husband and daughter. She loves crunchy popcorn, children and music and is inspired by people who are ‘being love’ and make a difference one small act at a time.

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