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Munich ’17

June 13 – 14, 2017 (English/German translation available)

Questions? Tickets? Call us at +49 (0) 89 / 189 44 199

Is the Munich Wisdom Conference made for you?

Of course, it is – if a fulfilling now and tomorrow is your goal. And if you – like so many business leaders and decision makers – already shared the experience that intuition is the key for creativity and creativity is the source of growth and success in all parts of our life.

During two intensive and moving days, you will meet international thoughts leaders and pioneers from science, business, culture and arts. Join us to experience intuition together with globally renowned speakers such as Google brand evangelist Gopi Kallayil or Nipun Mehta who served in the President’s Advisory Council of Barack Obama, neuroscientist Tom Fritz and Angaangaq, the Elder from Greenland.

I am looking forward to being with you in Munich!

At the Conference

Presentation of latest findings & insights on intuition & creativity by globally renowned leaders & scientists

Dialogues amongst the participants and together with the experts

Interactive sessions to explore the power of intuition as the source of our creativity

The Wisdom Together conference is a kick-off for a long time and growing global network of local friends and partners. We are developing tools and offerings to support the alumni and network after those events to strengthen the movement of transformation.

2-day Pass with access to all breakout sessions, networking opportunities, light lunch, coffee, and tea during the breaks

The experience

Widen your horizon, e.g. by hearing lessons from “Nelson Mandela” and receive tools to open your heart

Experience awareness to explore the present moment and realize the power of your intuition

Share your own vision and experience with others and experience the wisdom of the crowds

Enjoy and learn from Improvisation, Mindfulness, Tai Chi, Yoga and intuition tools for your daily life

  • Question: Is the conference only for experts or can “beginners” participate as well? Answer: Everybody is welcomed to our conference. The blend of speeches, breakout sessions and exchange with other participants give everybody his/her individual and deep learning experience. Our goal is to create a space where all participants will learn by head and heart, will get new friendships and learn new methods for their daily life.
  • Question: How did you calculate the ticket price? Answer: Wisdom Together wants to create unique moments of experience by connecting head, heart and hands. The operating costs like the conference hall, the technical equipment, the catering and the travel expenses needs to be covered and we hope, that we can continue developing and organizing those moments and events in the future. Thank you for coming.



tuesday JUNE 13

8.30 AM

Registration & Coffee

9.30 AM

Alfred Tolle – Gabriele K. Kowalski
Opening – about and with Intuition

10.00 AM

Martin Kalungu-Banda
Leadership and Intuition – Lessons from Nelson Mandela

10.45 AM

Melanie Grimm
The heart’s intuitive intelligence

11.15 AM

Coffee / Tea

11.45 AM

Helmut Lind
Intuition in Corporate Management

12.30 PM

Karolien Notebaert
Intuition in Neuroscience and Economy

14.30 PM

Veit Lindau
Intuition and the intelligence of the field

15.00 PM

Gerfried Stocker
ars electronica – Where Intuition meets Art and Culture

17.30 PM

Astrid Brink
Wisdom behind the Cycles in Nature

18.00 PM

Ending sound

13.00 PM


16.45 PM

Coffee / Tea

15.30 PM

Impro-Exercise – Belina Raffy
Intuition in Daily Life – Carmen Thomas
The U-Theory – Martin Kalungu-Banda
The Wisdom of the Unknown – Veit Lindau
Electromagnetic Polution versus Intuition- Tilo Rößler

17.15 PM

Reflection on the Experience

wednesday JUNE 14

8.30 AM

Mindfulness Morning Meditation

9.30 AM

Alfred Tolle – Gabriele K. Kowalski
Reflection on the first day and outlook for day two

9.45 AM

Intuition of the indigenous people in Greenland

10.30 AM

Coffee / Tea

11.00 AM

Prof. Dr. Tom Fritz
Music – Brain Plasticity and Intuition

11.30 AM

Stephan R. Meier, Catharina Roland, Astrid Brinck, Carmen Thomas and Belina Raffy: Intuition and Art – The source of ideas

12.30 PM


14.00 PM

Gopi Kallayil
How intuition effects company culture at Google

14.45 PM

Nipun Mehta
The Dance Between Algorithm and Intuition

15.30 PM

Workshop Introduction

15.45 PM

Coffee / Tea

16.15 PM

Impro-Exercise – Belina Raffy
Intuition & Creativity Live – Tilo Wondollek
Heartness in practical life – Melanie Grimm
Who is influencing my thoughts? – Gabriele Kowalski
Cosmic creativity and intuition – Andreas Mascha

17.15 PM

Reflection on the Experience

17.30 PM


18.00 PM

Ending on your own tone



100 €

2-days pass


450 €

2-days pass
2 tickets and more – please send an email for the discount code


520 €

2-days pass
From May 14


Alte Kongresshalle

Wisdom Together is excited to host its first German Wisdom Conference at The Alte Kongresshalle (Old Congress Hall), which has been a center for inspiring public and private events.

Set in grounds near Theresienwiese, in the heart of Munich, the Congress Hall was built in the early 1950s. Its mezzanine and hall galleries create the perfect atmosphere for Wisdom Leaders from around the world to discuss and explore alternatives.

Conference Location

Theresienhöhe 15
80339 Munich

Date & Time

June 13, 2017 • 8:30
June 14, 2017 • 9:30


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