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Loveleen Rihel BRENNA, Seema AS

Loveleen Rihel Brenna is the managing director of Seema AS. She has been working with diversity and inclusion issues since 1995. Brenna was born in India and moved to Norway whens she was five years old. She experienced first-hand how difficult it could be to enter the Norwegian or Western societies with a different background, in addition to being a woman. While some would take the easy way out, Loveleen took on the challenge and has been the leader of the “National Parents’ Committee for Primary and Secondary School” for over 8 years. She has also been leading the Women’s panel and worked with gender issues as well as social services.

About Seema:

Seema was established in 2012. A consultancy firm and a social enterprise, Seema works with numerous Norwegian companies and the government to encourage diversity in the work place. Seema’s work is based on three perspectives: why diversity is important; how to manage diversity; and how to meet a diverse audience. It is all about recruiting the best people, which gives access to new markets and increases profitability alongside improving company’s reputation. Seema does this through talent development schemes for employees, management training and mentoring. Seema helps create visible female role models for the future of Norwegian businesses. We need to understand the value of diversity in order to bring about change.

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