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We often think of wisdom development as a personal matter. Over time, as individuals, we develop psychologically and spiritually. We encounter obstacles in life and learn to transcend them. We gradually acquire and internalize “wisdom.” Step by step we develop an understanding of the complexity of life, and we begin to see how meaning is related to understanding the place from where we operate, – to understand life. Our connection to others is a crucial part of our personal and collective understanding and development. We are immersed in a sea of influences. Some are positive and wisdom fostering. Others pull us in unfavorable directions. Coming together is helping us to get clarity and to understand what we want to bring to this world. This is what we call Wisdom Together.

At our Wisdom Together Member Events we want to

Become aware
Find the inner place from where we operate
Explore what is Wisdom Together in each of us
What is it that wants to be created
Develope concrete ideas

Member Events are open for participants, who are considering to become a member and want to explore what Wisdom Together is for them.


There are no upcoming events at this time.


It is the time where our actions need to come from a different source, have a different expression, have a deeper meaning – have wisdom. The Inner Core is the place where new ideas find their form and expression.  At Wisdom Together Retreats for members we want to find that place – exploring what is Wisdom Together in each of us and what is it that wants to be created. Wisdom Together Member retreats will last naturally two days and will happen in unique places with inspiring people, like you!


Current developments in politics, business, education and society call us to act – to actively identify alternatives. What is often missing is a conscious leadership who understands, that we need to come together, daring to explore and test unconventional ways by shifting the place from where they operate. Wisdom Together is offering a one day workshop with extraordinary people who come together to share their experiences, learn from each other and bring impulses to the world. We believe that the greatest wisdom is in the collective intelligence. In a relaxed workshop atmosphere we are creating room for  reflection, awareness raising and the development of concrete ideas.

For this occasion we are inviting  future-oriented and conscious executives to the Wisdom Workshop for Entrepreneurs. A conscious, attentive and meaningful attitude that is recognized, developed and maintained together is the basis for all life.

Therefore, we are inviting authentic, open-hearted and creative leaders who share their experiences, learn from each other and actively seek to identify and shape alternatives together. It is an opportunity to:

Connect, recognize, search and find with the help of intuition
Learn and understand through self-reflection and change of perspective
Exchange ideas and developing new ways to operate
Build a community of meaningful leaders


Through our partnerships Wisdom Together will offer workshops & retreats for a deeper understanding of life.

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