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28th June 2019 - 29th June 2019

WISDOM TOGETHER CONFERENCE 28th and 29th June ’19 in Munich – Engagement – what does it mean, where does it arise from and how do we sense it?

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What does ‘engagement’ really mean?

Find out at our Wisdom Together Conference in Munich, June 28 – 29, 2019

(English/German translation available)

We live in times of fast changes. Our simplistic frameworks of understanding are hardly adequate, much of our language is outdated, and we stumble along in a world hardly recognizing there are exciting new possibilities to understand and engage within.  Could we find ourselves motivated in new ways? Our inputs (and noise) of our five sense are helpful, but not sufficient to sense that which is beyond the senses.

Sensing beyond the senses connects us, perhaps in ways we never thought possible, as we begin to come alive. From the Inner Core! We begin to understand that our consciousness forms reality.  A space is created where Wisdom, true innovation and engagement combine. This is what we call Wisdom Together!

When we become open and curious we find a new ‘WISDOM’ echoing among and between us, especially as we begin to ‘engage’ in


During our conference, we will explore the new dimensions of education, community live and innovation, as we begin to rebuild these upon a deeper appreciation for life’s true dimensionality.

Rather than ‘talking at us,’ our speakers will reflect ‘with us,’ sharing both their tested insights and unresolved questions. If we can succeed in both co-creating, sharing and learning from our ‘wisdom together,’ then we can reach out and engage many others in the transformation process for life.

We look forward to seeing you in Munich.

We would like to invite

The “future” generation

Who bring their visions, ideas, questions, answers and wishes for the future

The ones in charge

who are active in finding solutions and answers for the current questions in this world. The ones who understand, that we need to come together, that leadership means to tap into the collective wisdom. The ones who dare to test unconventional ways and shift the place from where they operate.

The ones who look back

who have created a world up to a certain point and can now look back and share their experience, their knowledge, their important moments  and wisdom with others. The ones who have the freedom and the courage to be honest, bold, open and still curious. The ones who know, that we can create the world with our conscious field.

We all are coming together to be open, curious and willing to see life from the eyes of the other and others. Connecting through the Inner Core, Engaging for what wants to emerge and be ready to Create and build new ways of being.

We are coming together to learn from each other, see examples, be inspired, by people, ideas, initiatives and existing projects.
What is happening in Education and what should happen there! How shall we live together? - new models - cross generations and cultures.
How shall we work together? See what is already happening and explore what needs to happen

Engage, connect and create – from the Inner Core!

This is what we want – nothing less and even more. Come and join us

Come to Wisdom Together in Munich on June 28th – 29th of June 2019 and meet our inspiring speakers and participants from Germany and the World.

Reserve Tickets Now and get the Earlybird Price.

At the Conference

Presentation of latest findings & insights of the source of engagement by scientists, artists, business executives and spiritual leaders.

Dialogues amongst the participants and speakers build part of the conscious field for inovation.

Interactive sessions to understand the source of your motivation and to explore the power of intuition as the source of our creativity and innovation.

The Wisdom Together conference is part of a growing global network of local friends and partners. We are developing tools and offerings to support the alumni and network after those events to strengthen the movement of transformation.

2-day Pass with access to all keynote speeches, workshops and networking opportunities.

Likely Outcomes

Enhanced well-being and mind fitness and get a greater confidence in recognizing, reducing, and mastering stress. Improve quality of communications and working relationships and increase the ability to cope with difficult situations.

Experience yourself, be awareness and explore the present moment to realize the creative power of yourself.

Get confidence in the ability to access a wealth of powerful resources and effective methods for encouraging greater consciousness in your personal and professional life. And experience a deepening sense of genuine compassion towards self and others.

Enhance your innovation capabilities by increasing your skills for accessing states of mental calm, clarity and focus.

  • Question: Is the conference only for experts or can “beginners” participate as well? Answer: Everybody is welcomed to our conference. The blend of speeches, breakout sessions and exchange with other participants give everybody his/her individual and deep learning experience. Our goal is to create a space where all participants will learn by head and heart, will get new friendships and learn new methods for their daily life.
  • Question: How did you calculate the ticket price? Answer: Wisdom Together wants to create unique moments of experience by connecting head, heart and hands. The operating costs like the conference hall, the technical equipment, the catering and the travel expenses needs to be covered and we hope, that we can continue developing and organizing those moments and events in the future. Thank you for coming.


During our conference, we will explore the new dimensions of education, community live and innovation, as we begin to rebuild these upon a deeper appreciation for life’s true dimensionality. Rather than ‘talking at us,’ our speakers will reflect ‘with us,’ sharing both their tested insights and unresolved questions. If we can succeed in both co-creating, sharing and learning from our ‘wisdom together,’ then we can reach out and engage many others in the transformation process for life. 


friday JUNE 28

8.30 AM

Registration & Coffee

Yuko and Alfred Tolle
Introduction and Welcome to Engagement From the Inner Core!

Leif Edvinsson
Future Labs and Engagement – To trigger the Readers Mind

Irena Blazevice
Personal Development  Natural Creativity and Authentic Theatre

Konno Noboru
Innovation and the concept of ‘Ba’ – Wisdom Places

Coffee / Tea

Nipun Mehta
Deepening From Transaction to Trust

Leif Edvinsson, Nipun Mehta, Irena Blazevic, Margret Rasfeld
Engagement For Life


Engagement – Using Your Knowledge with Wisdom

Stefan Schridde
Throwaway Society vs Conscious Contribution

Intro and Workshops
1. Consciousness & Education (Riddhi Shah)
2. Engaging voice and music from the inner core (Daniel Abreu and Ayala Etxebarri)
3. Failing as an important part to achive your goals (Lukas Klaschinsky and Nils Cartsburg)
4. Autobiografical Theatre (Irena Blazevice)


Q & A
Reflections on your Engagement

Collective exercise – Laurita
Engage with your Tone

19:00 PM

End of the first day
Optional: Tashi and The Monk – Documentary

saturday JUNE 29

8.00 AM

Yoga and Meditation Offering

Yuko and Alfred Tolle
Reflection on the first day and Outlook for day two

Gerald Hüther (tbc)
Human Potential in the light of Engagement

Michelle Long / Don Schaffer
Jubilee – Engagment from the Heart

Coffee / Tea

Lobsang Phuntsok, Michelle Long
Engagement in the Himalaya – What can we learn?

Ulrich Michel, Gerald Hüther, Irena Blazevice, Riddhi Shah, Margret Rasfeld
Engagement and Personal Development


Daniel Abreu, Riddhi Shah, Belina Raffy, Anca Minescu
Impuls Speeches (10-15min) -Engagement from different Perspectives

Intro and Workshops
1. Improvising with Life (Belina Raffy)
2. Discovering your Unique Self: How knowing yourself creates the conditions for authentic engagement (Anca Minescu)
3. Awaken and revitalize confidence (Laurita Peleniute)
4. Develop your Consciousness and Potential (Magret Rasfeld)


Q & A with speakers
Reflections on your Engagement

Yuko and Alfred Tolle
Farewell and how to continue

Laurita Peleniute
Folksongs from Lithuania

19:00 PM




160 €

2-days pass

Early Bird

280 €

till 31st January 2019
2-days pass


380 €

till 29th June 2019
2-days pass


Alte Kongresshalle

Wisdom Together is excited to host its next German Wisdom Conference at The Alte Kongresshalle (Old Congress Hall), which has been a center for inspiring public and private events.

Set in grounds near Theresienwiese, in the heart of Munich, the Congress Hall was built in the early 1950s. Its mezzanine and hall galleries create the perfect atmosphere for Wisdom Leaders from around the world to discuss and explore alternatives.

Conference Location

Theresienhöhe 15
80339 Munich

Date & Time

June 28, 2019
June 28, 2019


… is coming soon


28th June 2019
29th June 2019
Event Category:


The Alte Kongresshalle (Old Congress Hall)
Theresienhöhe 15
München, 80339 Germany
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