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The Inner Growth Journey

At the wisdom talk, I will explore what terrains and borders you may face during this fabulous journey. I will make a vivid overview of the roadmap to personal development. You will identify your current state of maturity, following scientifically proven constructive development models. I will present which practices may help you to uplift and to transform your mindset avoiding significant loss and pains.

However, inner growth does not guarantee us pure joy and freedom. At every stage of our maturity, we create the light side, as well the dark side of our personalities. To notice failures of the inner growth is even more worthwhile than focusing on achievements. Failures whisper us about the next step of development, about our inner cave, where treasures and dragons shade our true self.

We will practice ego-confusing practices, which, I  hope, will allow you to embrace your true self. I sincerely hope that you will share and discuss the developmental gifts and insights, which the current great uncertainty of COVID contributed to you.


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€ 15.00
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