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Andreas MASCHA, Integral Management

Andreas Mascha is a management consultant, coach, publisher and scientific researcher. Primary building on the fundamental work of the physician and founder of Logotherapy Viktor E. Frankl, Andreas Mascha developed a purpose oriented leadership training in the context of a…

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Gerfried STOCKER, Ars Electronica

Gerfried Stocker is a media artist and telecommunications engineer. In 1991, he founded x-space, a team formed to carry out interdisciplinary projects, which went on to produce numerous installations and performances featuring elements of interaction, robotics and telecommunications. Since 1995,…

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Catharina ROLAND, Filmmaker

Catharina Roland studied directing, acting, dramatics, journalism and psychology. She won several awards for her international advertising films and works as a director for theater productions as well as dubbing actor and voice talent for movies, advertising and television. When…

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Veit LINDAU, humantrust

Veit Lindau is a well-known coach, speaker and author in the German speaking countries. He is an expert in individual self-fulfilment and mindfulness. Veit is offering workshops, retreats as state of the art coaching offerings via the digital platform, humantrust,…

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Gabriele KOWALSKI, Delta Institute

Gabriele Kowalski is Managing Director of DELTA GmbH, Institute for Change Management and Personality Development, as well as initiator and director of the Avalon Earth Project. Key aspects of her work are management trainings, change consulting and corporate development. Gabriele…

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Belina RAFFY, Maffick Ltd.

Belina Raffy is the director of Maffick Ltd & Applied Improvisation and Thrivability thought-leader, Thrivable World Quest co-founder and global captain. She used to work in London and New York as an Executive for one of the largest global financial…

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