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Caro works as social media and marketing support at Wisdom Together. She works with Google Ireland as Mindfulness Teacher, Sales Account Manager and Instructional Designer. Being involved in various Emotional Intelligence and Well-being projects at Google, she has inspired people…

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Lefteris SAVVA

Lefteris is currently driving marketing activities for Wisdom Together. He has a background in Management and Marketing, and started his professional career at L’Oreal UK, where he worked in the Retail and Category Development team. After a year in London…

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Michalis is currently driving the Social media activities for Wisdom Together. He works as an Account Strategist at Google. Excited by the vast potential and unique possibility of each human being, Michalis spends much of his time exploring tools and…

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Nina Bürklin has devoted her life to creating tangible products and solutions that spark passion and excitement at other people. To put this into effect, she brings deep sensitivity for individuals and combines it with her profound knowledge and analytical…

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Jana KRUBERT, Vision & Design

Jana verbindet innere Arbeit und Marketing. Mit ihren Angeboten zum Coaching, Design & Webdesign kombiniert sie auf eine effektive Weise innere Klärung und praktische Ergebnisse. Aufbauend auf ein langjähriges Know-How bietet sie die Erstellung von Logo, Flyern und Webseiten an…

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Pascal studied Applied Mathematics in Stuttgart and has been working as a Software Developer and DevOps Engineer for a small company in Munich since 2016. Throughout his professional life, he has always strived to establish a symbiotic relationship in the…

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