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Thales Panagides

Thales Panagides graduated with an MBA in Entrepreneurship in 1998.  He spent weeks searching for a job in the financial district of New York City and realized Wall Street wasn't the right fit for a Cypriot who spent most of…

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Riddhi Shah, Activist Education in India

Riddhi Shah, age 29, has been working in the space of Education Development for the last 13 years. She believes that majority of the world's problems are solvable, provided there is a collective effort to combat them with a connection…

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Michelle Long, Founder Jubilee

Michelle Long is founder of Jubilee, an investment platform for building Beautiful Portfolios that are catalytic in healing the Earth, for equity and healing between people, and that build the spiritual ballast we need to meet these changing times. For…

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Jamila Tressel, Coach and Author

Jamila Tressel is a student at the ESBZ School since 2012 and a young author, speaker, trainer and coach as well, empowering young people to unfold their potential and make a change. After many negative experiences in the traditional school…

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