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Bhutan – Discovery Trip
of Happiness in March 2020


Inspirational Discovery

to the country of happiness

March, 2nd – 9th 2020

Why Bhutan

The individual happiness of every citizen in Bhutan, a small country of the size of Switzerland in the Eastern Himalaya, counts more than Global KPIs.
The Gross National Happiness (GNH) Index has become an impactful paradigm for development.

Within the Wisdom Together community we are going to explore, how the citizens in Bhutan care about values and how the omnipresence of Buddhist spirituality and cultural traditions can co-exist with the necessary drive for progress and change – and how the GNH Index pays into it.

We will cross a country full of breathtaking nature. We will feel the transformation through multiple encounters with people, ceremonies
and festivities, through the dialogue with leaders from government, economy and with spiritual masters. We will create inspiration for you to find your answers for social wellbeing in your personal context in family, all kind of community or a company you care for.


MyBhutan is the single Tour-Operator with sites in and out of Bhutan.
MyBhutan has a great team of well experienced Bhutanese tour-operators and international travel experts. The Team of MyBhutan is more than committed to the high quality policies and sustainability in Bhutan‘s Tourism business.

Christiane Schicker
Christiane has collected deep experiences through multiple trips to Bhutan, via personnel connection and through a workshop about Sustainable Transformation initiated by the GNH-Centre Bhutan . She loves to share her insights with our community. In close cooperation with MyBhutan, she is responsible to curate the program for this journey.


Arival and Depatures

o The Wisdom Together group will fly from Bangkok to Paro, the international Airport of Bhutan, all together. There are no direct flights from Europe to Paro. Only local agencies like MyBhutan are eligible to book flights into Paro.

o We recommend to arrive at Bangkok 24 – 48 hours ahead of departure to Paro. Flights from Bangkok to Paro normally start early in the morning.

o Flights back to Europe can be planned earliest on March 9th 2020, early evening. The international Airlines are processed at the same international Airport Suvarnabhumi, as the airlines to and from Bhutan.

2nd March 2020 – Flight to Bangkok – First encounter of the group
3rd March 2020 – Arrival at Paro – Drive to Punakha
4th -6th March 2020 – Stay in Punakha

Encounters with local people in town and with family farmers in nearby villages
o Visit of the Punakha Dzong – an impressive fortress monument and sacred center of
state renewal process from 17th to 21st century
o Hikes to temples and nunneries
o Scenic drive towards Jigme Dorji National Park
o River Rafting at Punakha valley on the River of Mo Chhu
o Witness Punakha Tsechu, a 3 days masked dance festival, main highlight to celebrate
the deeds of Bhutan’s great unifier and leader, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal.
o Dinner hosts with representatives of Bhutanese public and social life
o Private audience with a Buddhist Rinpoche and teacher

7th March 2020 – Drive to Paro
8th March 2020 – Hike towards Tiger‘s Nest
9th March 2020 – Departure from Paro to Bangkok – End of the journey

Booking processed via MyBhutan

According to the sustainable GNH approach the government of Bhutan pursues the principle “High Value, Low Impact“ for Tourism. Tourists and explorers only can enter the country through eligible agencies and are not allowed to cross the country without certified guides and drivers, who will be provided and serviced by MyBhutan. Booking and payment of the package (see box below) will be processed via MyBhutan.

Contact Details
Bethany Betzler

Booking Package
–Flight Bangkok towards Paro March 3rd and back to Bangkok March 9th
– 6 overnight stays in 3-4 star hotels in Bhutan –
single-room supplement to be expected
–Daily meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Bhutan
– Transport incl. toll – Entrance fees for places of interests
– Cultural program and remuneration for dinnerhosts
– Visa fees
– Overnight stay in Bangkok ahead of departure towards Bhutan and eventually after the end of the Bhutan trip – single-room supplement to be
The intercontinental flight to Bangkok will be planned and booked by the participants themselves and will not be serviced by MyBhutan.



  • Flight Bangkok – Paro – Bangkok
    – 1 overnight in Bangkok incl. breakfast
    ahead of the arrival in Bhutan
    – 6 overnights in Bhutan
    – Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner in
    – All transport costs
    – Visa Fee
    – Entrance fees and host remuneration
    3 477,80 US Dollar per person
    496,40 US Dollar single room fee per person
  • Intercontinental Flights from Europe to Bangkok will be planned and booked by the participants themselves. Further overnights in Bangkok can be arranged via MyBhutan upon request. For single travelers: If desired, please ask MyBhutan to share rooms with other single travelers in the WT group and MyBhutan will try to arrange your request.

The Inner- and The Outer Journey

(additional offering)

Wisdom Together Retreat 14.-16. February and 24.-26. April 2020 SeinZ Bad Kohlgrub

Your Question

There are moments in life, where we need to step back, look into ourselves to find the question which is driving us at that moment in time. It is not about the answer; it is about the question and its origin. It is very specific, individual and intimate, but at the same time, we might realize, that it can be helpful to do this search together with others, partners and friends who are also looking for their question. There is room for sharing and also for being with ourselves. Finding your inner wisdom is finding your inner question. This is the beauty of life. This is what we call Wisdom Together.

Invitation to

We want to invite you to create this conscious and sacred place together with us for this journey to your inner question.

  1. You might have a concrete occasion, like an “outer” journey to a special place, like Bhutan, which you might want to prepare for within yourself.
  2. Or you find yourself at a place, where you feel stuck, not knowing where to go or where to look at. Finding your question will give you guidance and a deeper understanding of where you are and who you are.
  3. You might be at a place where you have difficulties to decide what to do, which path in your life you want to pursue. Looking into yourself, finding your inner question will give you clarity on where to go and why.

All those personal moments, and there are many more, which we are open to look at, have a unifying element in the inner- and the outer journey.

What will happen

We will provide the place and the room for being with yourself, changing perspectives, listening to your body, connecting with nature and creating moments for sharing our thoughts and feelings in wisdom circles where expressions and connections can be manifold.

Follow up two month later

We will meet again two month later at the same place. Reflecting on what had happened. What did we experience during the last two months in outer journey? Sharing, sensing and listening to what yourself and others had experienced. Together we will create that space, that moment of deep reflection and mirroring your experience in the light of your original question. And most important, what is your question now? What did you learn by not focusing on the answer but on the question and what are you willing to share with others, who might join the group first time? This are the moments when your inner wisdom connects with the collective and becomes Wisdom Together.

We are looking forward to seeing you in SeinZ on the 14th – 16th February and 24th – 26th of April.

These retreats will be bilingual (English/German).

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