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Belina Raffy

Belina Raffy is on a mission to help the world’s lovely, smart people to improvise and communicate more effectively so we can have a healthier, happier, and more connected planetary experience.She is the Empress of Maffick ( and the creator of the global project Sustainable Stand Up (, which has run over 30 shows across 7 countries.She encourages people to explore what happens when we consciously align our work with the ways that nature and people thrive. Belina believes that our ability to improvise gives us a choice about how to respond to life’s challenges, including environmental degradation climate change, and social injustice. Improvisation helps us develop our creative thinking skills in service of a happier life, and plays a vital part in our collaborative response to our complex, dynamic world.  She is the author of Using Improv to Save the World (and me).

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