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Belina RAFFY, Maffick Ltd.

Belina Raffy is the director of Maffick Ltd & Applied Improvisation and Thrivability thought-leader, Thrivable World Quest co-founder and global captain.
She used to work in London and New York as an Executive for one of the largest global financial institutions, in 13 years, she saw many people struggle with burn-out.
She studied improvisation to find out: 1) how these skills help individuals respond to the unexpected, and navigate ambiguity 2) how it can transform our organizations as a whole. She encourages people to explore what happens when we consciously align our work with how nature and people thrive. She believes that our ability to improvise gives us a choice about how to respond to life’s challenges. Improvisation helps us develop our creative thinking skills in service of a happier life, and play a vital part in our response to our complex, dynamic world. It is her passion to spread these mindsets and practices and support others discover the power of improvisation.

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