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Ayala Etxebarri, Artist

Ayala Etxebarri is a Spanish biologist and artist devoted to facilitating an evolution of consciousness in the relationship between humans and nature using different art forms. Ayala is originally a professional theater actress and film screen writer, having performed in many plays and written film scripts related tothe immense potential of the human spirit. The most recent feature film of her co-authorship relates to the great gifts that people with Down Syndrome brings to the world. She is now completing a feature film script about a marine biologist with a high risk pregnancy that finds true healing in her relationship with a mother whale and the ancient wisdom of indigenous midwifes.

Ayala also is a musician and singer of “medicine music”, chants that harmonize us with our inner core and Mother Earth. She organizes together with her partner Spiritual Ecology spaces and the Sacred Connection with Whales experience in the Atlantic waters of the Dominican Republic, in which humans have the opportunity to deeply connect with the wisdom and healing of these majestic beings, while supporting scientific research on whales and dolphins.

Searching for a balance between body, mind, emotions and soul Ayala is also a kundalini yoga teacher, combining the ancient yoga tradition of the Himalayas with chants inspired by nature and indigenous people of all over the world.

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