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Our Vision is a world of wisdom in which conscious individuals, businesses and societies promote and sustain freedom, creativity and love for life.

Our Mission is to

inspire and enable people to foster conscious organizations and societies.

design experiences for all elements of our human consciousness and compassion.

connect and support individuals and organizations to build communities of collective wisdom.


Wisdom is a deep, inner knowledge, connected with the source of life.
Wisdom is the language of your heart – honest, free, the highest truth.
In this space, there is no right or wrong – just a deep understanding of our existence.
Wisdom is love combined with intelligence, compassion and freedom.
Wisdom is life!


With rapidly mounting challenges in the social, economic and environmental sectors, there is presently no flexible yet overarching platform to host dialogues, transformation and change-initiatives embracing a holistic perspective.

In our view, conscious leaders can play a fundamental role in a transformative process that goes from the inside out:

from leaders to organizations to systems, and society at large

Conscious leaders have high levels of inner and outer awareness and act with compassion to share their knowledge and experience with others. They lead from an inner source of wisdom and authentic power, can be found in any position in our societies and are not attached to visibility, dominance or their own point of view.

In our view, everyone can be a conscious leader.


We bring our Vision to life through four key initiatives:

Wisdom Conferences open dialogues, share global business, science and people experiences and connecting you with other conscious people.Wisdom Talks are local gatherings where inspiring speakers present ideas, activities and projects, and thought-provoking conversations and meaningful experiences are happening.

A unique one-year program connecting heart, mind, body and hands through workshops and retreats, mentorships, coaching, webinars and self-learning.

Coaching the ability to reflect and constantly develop yourself, your team and your organization. Consulting towards a new leadership capacity and company culture based on passion, conscious leadership and meaningful growth.

As a member of  the ever-growing Wisdom Together community you can interact with like minded people and have access to in-depth learning offerings and material.

Whatever we do, our experiences focus on all elements of our human consciousness:

Connect with your insight to understand yourself

Continual learning fueled by curiosity to see beyond boundaries

Vibrant relationships and experiences founded in WISDOM

Vitality, nutrition, and alternative medicine to understand your body

Engage in projects of compassion to increase consciousness and freedom


In  2014, Alfred Tolle, the founder of Wisdom Together realized the first Wisdom Conference in Dublin, followed by a two day event in Stockholm in 2015, with international speakers sharing their Wisdom of mindfulness and compassion. Through his role as an executive manager working across the globe, Alfred recognized that there are already multiple existing projects, ideas and initiatives which are building upon a meaningful framework for conscious leadership and wisdom.The idea for Wisdom Together as an agile platform, responding to the desire for personal transformation and practical initiatives was born. In 2016 Wisdom Together organized a conference in Costa Rica bringing together government officials and business executives. In 2017 the conference in Munich was focusing on Intuition and Creativity and in the same year Wisdom Together realized a conference in Oslo about Conscious Leadership. As the community grew, local initiatives and events, where inspiring speakers presented their ideas, activities and projects followed by thought-provoking conversations and deep experiences increased. And this is just the beginning.

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